Cloud Leaders Summit is back!

 Cloud Leaders Summit is back!

Cloud Leaders Summit is back again! 

This year’s event will be held in Goa on November 8th-10th. As the only conference where cloud providers get together to discuss their knowledge, this summit has become one of India’s most important technology conferences for web hosts and IT professionals alike who are looking forward to new advancements within the industry. Join us at our fourth Cloud Leadership Summit where you can learn more about what it takes being an effective leader among these ever-changing technologies that shape how businesses function today whether they’re large corporations or SMEs with little funding available but still need sophisticated solutions.

Attendees can expect keynotes by industry experts, workshops for learning new tools, networking opportunities with other professionals and much more. Join us this year as we explore new ways of implementing cloud technologies into your organization or venture. 

Post the Covid 19 pandemic which is ebbing away after nearly two years of WFH, this is going to be the first in-person event for cloud professionals in India. However, we are also planning to make this a virtual summit so there are no travel costs or time away from business that might prevent you from attending. You can register for free at for the online event invite. 

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