Cloud Leadership Summit 2019

 Cloud Leadership Summit 2019

Cloud technology has changed the way businesses function. It has transformed the way information is gathered, stored, and shared. Cloud technology has enabled businesses to completely virtualise themselves, handle more work efficiently, gather useful business intelligence pertaining to their products & consumers, analyse this data better and become much more flexible.

Indian corporations have been quick to adapt to this technology. They realise that to grow and compete globally, they need powerful hyper-convergence digital infrastructure.

Collaboration is the key when it comes to meeting the ever-changing needs of the markets that you serve. The need for a partnership focused approach and collaboration are all the more important for Web-hosting providers and Cloud solutions providers to ensure that they work in tandem with each other and offer consumers what they want. This could also mean co-developing cloud solutions with their consumers!

What is the Cloud Leadership Summit’ 2019?

Cloud Leadership Summit’ 2019 aims to bring together the best and the finest in the Indian Cloud Technology space in conversation about this tech-transformation. We are bringing together a community of like-minded Web Hosting and Cloud Solution Providing professionals from India. Recognised as one of the best platforms for fostering the next generation of developers, solution providers and technology providers the Summit will focus on Cloud architecture, the importance of collaboration, and enhancing productivity to meet the vision of ‘Digital India’ in its truest sense.

Through the Leadership Summit, we intend to provide high-level knowledge about Cloud Computing in India and meet the specific needs of the audiences. We will help them to understand the current Clouding scenario, introduce them to new processes, and enable them to work more efficiently.

This Summit has been organised to build the capacities of the audiences for them to be ready to respond to the future challenges of not only their competition but also from emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence.

The two-day conference will start with general warm-up sessions and then delve deeper into specific sessions with experts, interactive talks, and presentations.

Who is it for?

This invitation-only summit is not-to-miss for Web Hosting Providers, Cloud Solutions Providers, Web Services Industry Taxation experts, Experts on emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Developers, Infrastructure Engineers, Technology Operations Leaders, and people having an interest in software infrastructure and technology.

Why should you attend the Cloud Leadership Summit’ 2019?

  • Understand the growing relevance of cloud computing in the Indian context.
  • Know where the technology is from a business and economic standpoint.
  • Know where growth is- Which Indian business sectors are the most likely to use Cloud Technology in 2020?
  • Learn how to explore and maximise Internet technology.
  • Hear from industry experts about the major Cloud Computing platforms and their Pros & Cons
  • Understand the challenges for Indian Hosters and how to respond to competition
  • Learn and Re-learn about registrars, nGTLDs
  • Understand how taxes will affect the Web Services Industry in the coming few years
  • Discover how to transform your operations through emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence
  • Collaborate and network with your peers, industry experts on cloud, data, and business intelligence.
  • Share your ideas, experiences, and expertise with a like-minded group of audiences.

When and where is the Cloud Leadership Summit’ 2019?

30th May- 2nd June’ 2019, Bangkok (Thailand)

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