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Testimonials from the attendees of 1st Goa Summit

Zubin Sehgal

The year 2018 marked the first Hosting Unconference or Cloud Leader's Summit as we now call it. For a first-time event, this was an absolute runaway success, well beyond what anyone coming to Goa for those 3 days would have expected or imagined.

We had a clear timeline, set purpose, well defined agenda and a wonderful balance of fun and serious industry discussions which left each one of us a lot richer in terms of industry awareness and a strong feeling of community bonding.

The event set the foundation for formalizing a chapter for the industry and strengthening ties within those who strictly speaking, are competitors but work more as peers and good friends often helping each other technically and with business practices or policies.

Taking the event international to Bangkok in 2019, I for one, believe this will only help us all with our businesses individually and as a community in a great way. Here’s wishing more strength and success to all the participants and core members who make this possible year on year now.

Zubin SaigalCEO - Nettigritty Private Limited

It was a Great opportunity for every hoster to learn from each other's experiences .. full of knowledge during our Goa Meetup.

Manoj DhandaCEO - MicroHost
Manoj Dhanda
Jitendra Chimnani

Networking is the backbone of the Hosting industry. Our networking horizon was broadened up in March 2018 when a conference dedicatedly for hosting industry leaders & players took place in Goa.

For me, the highlight from last year's summit was knowledge sharing and opportunity to interact & connect with leaders of the Industry. Of course, fun-filled activities was a bonus which I enjoyed.

This year we have taken this summit to Thailand with the intent of covering the Asian region. So, if you are in the hosting industry, it's a must-attend event for you.

Jitendra ChimnaniCEO - J-INFO Technologies